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UX driven design that turns traffic into new patients.

The Idea

Ai-Lien Sperry returned from a multi-year break in dentistry and recently reacquired her previous physical location. She required strong aesthetics while promoting conservative dentistry values, and implement workflow improvements such as online patient scheduling and online payment processing. We overcame the following:

  • New brand with limited reputation history meant a strong priority on aesthetic quality
  • Professional photographers needed to capture a “yoga studio” like look and feel
  • Align aesthetics with a conservative philosophy; to promote without sounding “salesy”
  • A limited budget required us to prioritize our strategy

Why WordPress

Complete creative latitude on a medium budget allowed us to explore various WordPress themes and craft them to fit our user experience design specifications.

Completion timeline was flexible and allowed all custom elements to be tested and integrated.

Conservative design themes and customizable aesthetics allowed for greater creativity.

Flexible content management platform allowed for useful plugins to be sourced and integrated

How we did it

There were two primary user types we designed for, new customers and existing customers. For new customers, we showcased a beautiful site and polished but simple design, conservative values, and operator credentials. For existing customers, we gave them direct access to payments and scheduling.

One of our signatures plugins is the aggregated social feed. We took all Yelp and Google+ channels and combined them into a live collage of social proof that rewarded and recognized customers as well as reassure new ones. See below.

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