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The Potential

Dr. Rochelle Nguyen is an internationally recognized dentist and is the recipient of innumerable accolades among highly acclaimed industry associations. She wanted to introduce her single operator dentistry to revenues only she knew was possible. She faced the following challenges:

  • Constant pressure to compete on price despite sparing no expenses on a facility and the latest dentistry equipment and training.
  • The business front end would grow once critical bottlenecks in operational efficiency were resolved.
  • Other consultants for hire yielded no results, and the previous website used design standards 15+ years ago.

The Requirements

As an existing payment processing client, Dr. Rochelle Nguyen chose Clickdone Consulting because she appreciated the service-first philosophy and unique insights not commonly applied amongst her competition. We then agreed on a set of outcomes her project would need to accomplish.

Strong brand strategy to unite customers who endured several past rebranding initiatives.

High level of urgency as the existing website was offline and negatively affected revenues.

Time savings that benefited the front desk and made work more meaningful and productive.

Also, our priorities were ordered respective to a limited budget.

How we did it

Accomplishing each objective could potentially mean 5-6 times more work that we could economically budget in, so we realized we couldn’t do everything, but with strategy and prioritization, we could maximize value for Dr. Nguyen within her main objectives. Our user interface prioritized the following within the design in addition to what is shown below:

  • New AND existing users to access key functions quickly.
  • Most websites are built for viewing only, while we packaged in functionality.
  • The layout is simple and easy to understand.

A major design priority was assisting new customers through the trust phase quickly by displaying social proof, accomplishments, and other reputation boosting information. Photography and reputation is shown above, but the differentiating piece here is integration of an aggregated social feed. We took all Yelp and Google+ channels and combined them into a live collage of social proof that rewarded and recognized customers as well as reassure new ones. See below.

The Results

Dr. Rochelle Nguyen’s success was an integral part of our own so we continued to monitor the performance of the website and the business’ performance. We are proud to reveal the following findings:

Most new clients request high trust+margin services like dental implants and less haggle over price.

8-9 visitors visit the site daily, translating to 3-4 new customers every week.

Shifting payments, scheduling, and new patient onboarding online saved the business 3+ hrs/day.

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