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76% of SMB's Experience Less Than 7% Annual Revenue Growth

Our clients see up to 300% YoY revenue increase.


Field Notes Ai is a Seattle-based tech startup leveraging groundbreaking CRM artificial intelligence. Their goal was to qualify for Series A/B funding within 12 months.

They needed sales organizational infrastructure to drive revenue and validate market fit for potential future investors. Their biggest challenge was executing within their own target timeline.

  • Filled in as interim vice president of sales
  • Conduct live sales training & coaching
  • Discover and formularize sales process & methodology
  • Create sales training materials & methodology
  • Create daily and weekly sales tracking reports
  • Build all sales infrastructure from pre-sales to commission process & surrounding structures
  • Create customer facing sales materials
  • Create marketing materials & presentations
  • Provide marketing leadership
  • Provide onboarding leadership
  • Increase revenue based valuation by $3 million
  • Successful validation of market fit
  • Successful CRM rollout & adoption
  • Launch custom responsive website. UX design, content strategy, graphic design, development.
  • Achieve necessary KPIs for rapid scalability of sales & support infrastructure (COCA, TLV, Fully loaded compensation to revenue achievement)

Velocity was the result of a rebranding and restructuring initiative from Smart Choice Payments out of Tigard, Oregon. Their goal was to conduct a new product launch and combat previous negative press.

They needed to first create a new business model with redefined core values. Next, they needed to build sales infrastructure to drive revenue and validate market fit for the new service. Their biggest challenge was a lack of organization and employee training which led to high levels of employee attrition and customer dissatisfaction.

  • Monitor and minimize operational risks (trademarking for example)
  • Generate and track for 12 month EBITDA guidance
  • Lead new product launch and go-to-market strategy
  • Lead and train cross-department leadership
  • Lead recruiting team/strategy
  • Lead marketing brand guideline initiative (internal/external facing collateral)
  • Lead and scale sales channels while exceeding revenue targets
  • Create employee lifecycle workflow, JDs, offer letters
  • Create and roll out commission plans: lead gen, direct sales, sales leadership
  • Create and roll out all sales training
  • Create and roll out direct sales playbook
  • Create and roll out departmental leadership reporting and tracking
  • Create and roll out internal processes for entire sales operations and design lifecycle
  • Create and roll out internal sales lifecycle, product development, revenue, and commission tracking and reporting systems
  • Negotiated SalesForce CRM license and development agreement, resulting in +60% annual savings for SaaS licences.
  • Generated over $400,000 of revenue receivables in 6 months and maintain a 1:4 expense ratio
  • Successful validation of market fit
  • Successful CRM rollout & adoption
  • Launch commission and revenue reporting and tracking

Totem Lake Dentistry is owned and operated by Greg Nash, DDS. Greg’s objective was rapidly increasing the practice’s value within a few years. He wanted to build digital assets that could increase millennial new patient count. 

We know millennials value convenience. Thus, we placed bets on groundbreaking online self service options to drive new patient head count and existing patient loyalty.

  • Medical website content strategy
  • Custom workflow and UX design
  • A/B testing methodology
  • New branding and logo design
  • Professional videography & editing
  • Professional photography & editing
  • Digital self-service new patient forms
  • Digital self-service payment system
  • WordPress development
  • Performance optimizations
  • The fastest CDN & SSD hosting services
  • Daily backup & disaster recovery services
  • 99.99% uptime services
  • SEO listing and database campaign
  • Social media profiles and content strategy
  • 25% month over month increase in traffic
  • 300% increase in most website hits in one day
  • Highest recorded new patient headcount within 6 months
  • 70% increase in new patient headcount within 3 months.

Dr. Rochelle Nguyen is a master dental clinician. These were the compelling events before contacting us:

  • Revenue dropped 3 consecutive years
  • Large equipment financing and stifled margins
  • Disorganized front office diminished the patient experience

The following expenditures occured up to 3 years prior to our first meeting:

  • $5,000 to a web designer who did not deliver on contract.
  • $20k to two consulting firms that did not execute on plan.
  • $50k in advertising spend within 3 years with minimal ROI.

Sick of lackluster results, Dr. Rochelle Nguyen gave ClickDone an opportunity to rebrand and repair her business.

  • Majority of budget invested in creating social authority via Yelp
  • Redefine brand values to align with upscale dental services
  • Remove any price concessions from marketing materials 
  • Marketing strategy and graphics exemplify clinician’s strengths: clinical authority
  • Marketing copy focuses on training, certifications, awards
  • Professional photography & editing
  • Digital self-service online scheduling service
  • Digital self-service payment system
  • 99.99% uptime services
  • SEO listing and database campaign 
  • +300% increase of new patient count in first 12 months from 8-10 to 30-35 new patients monthly
  • +10x increase in high margin dental implants services
  • Redesigned, oversaw development, and launched systems for self-service: Online scheduling, payments, and new patient onboarding

Product Launch Consulting

Gary Vaynerchuck of VaynerMedia said it best: “Execution is everything.” 

Incredible ideas are everywhere, but FAST product validation ultimately gets the funding deals.

Because when it comes to funding, one word matters…

Predictable revenue. We will get you there:

  1. Facilitate brand development & trademarketing
  2. Build department specific systems, process, and training
  3. Develop sales methodology with 1-2 high value experienced sales reps
  4. Perfect and package the service, the sales model, and the operations model
  5. Shift to coin operated rep model and scale
  6. Manage projections and revenue expectations


Let’s start with a paradigm shift.

If you believe millenials are unloyal…consider this:

The battleground of loyalty has simply changed. 20 years ago, service quality was king. 

Nowadays… Convenience is King.

You must master 3 digital marketing strategy components:

  1. Compete at the highest UX standards with the most efficient user journey
  2. Facilitate rapid user/product fit & social trust validation
  3. Give reliable and quick user access across multiple marketing platforms

Want to automate +90% of the user journey using a custom tailored website & online strategy?


We create and execute successful outbound and inbound sales strategy.

First, we determine client personas and begin the process of developing and iterating on the sales process.

Next, we create the tools to efficiently test, measure, and compound success month over month.

We transform the entire sales architecture to be viable & scalable. 

Then we hand you the blueprint.