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76% of Providers Experience Less Than 7% Annual Revenue Growth

Our clients see up to 300% YoY revenue increase.


You may already believe…

Every penny saved is a penny earned. Every day, vendors fight for your attention. You leverage them against each other to get great pricing. You think you’re done optimizing…

Not even close!

If you’re like many healthcare clients, your biggest hidden cost is this:

Worker productivity.

So how do you calculate this? Ask yourself this.

  • How many cancellations or missed visits does your office average per day?
  • What’s your patient lifetime revenue average?
  • What’s your average revenue per appointment?
  • How many pieces of paper does the practice pull up, transcribe, file, or scan per day?

Healthcare offices in the US average 30% of total potential efficiency and no-show rate. Meaning, your 1 front desk staff should optimally handle 3x practice revenue.

That’s not all.

The average practitioner in the US bills 60% of the total potential billable hours in a day. More on that later.

How much revenue are you missing? 

  • In the U.S. 25% of scheduled appointments are missed. 1 no-show or cancellation per office per day costs an average $18,000 per year or more in lost earnings.
  • As many as 60% of referrals go unscheduled because of paper, mail, and fax, resulting in the loss of hundreds of dollars per potential new patient.
  • Each piece of paper you handle costs as much as $5 in human capital, errors, and other costs. Initial paperwork costs $50 per patient on average.
  •  The average office spends 16.6% of their time on non-patient related paperwork creating an opportunity cost of $250,000 per year.

Keep reading, we’ll show you how to gain close to 100% of total potential efficiency using simple practice automation technology below.

Let’s agree on one thing:

It’s not easy to transform your client base. The biggest fear in your business is that after 10-15 years of clinical excellence, you find your patient base shrinking. Care to know why?

Quickly try one easy thing:

First, combine the age of the last 10 patients you saw this week. Now, compare this number to your own age. The difference between you and your patient’s average age isn’t far off.

Why does this happen?

Birds of the same feather flock together. The reason you share your patient demographic is because…they share your beliefs!

  • Your patients prefer to find and buy services the same way as yourself.
  • Your patients have the same criteria for loyalty as yourself.

That probably means you’re missing out on 66% of the market who is not yourself.

Want younger patients?

Learn how they find products, how they make purchasing decisions, and what their criteria for loyalty are. The consumer base evolves every 10 years and new marketing strategies and technologies with it.

For now…

Millennials and GenZs are starting to make good money, so to attract this patient base it’s time to meet them on their own turf: social platforms. Social platforms will soon host the largest and wealthiest demographic group you will market to, period.

Healthcare providers like yourself will have two choices.

Go full offense….Capture market share, lead with digital integration and marketing.


Watch others evolve and change, then judge and fear the change as you fall behind. 

Digital patient communication and digital marketing continues to exponentially increase in importance to business success. Smart budgeting for digital strategy and technological integration presents the greatest opportunity of positive impact to the practice.

Want to learn how to capture a tech-savvy audience using technology? Read below to find out.

Here’s the deal:

You’re in a great financial position but, you’re not satisfied. Even though you already have the patient base you want. 

What are your options?

  1. Chase degrees of excellence
  2. Open a new location
  3. A third way

What’s the third way?

Maximize patient lifetime revenue. Let’s introduce a few ideas:

  • Recurring revenue streams: 93% of customers allow a recurring purchase to occur while only 35% may authorize a purchase the first time. For 1,000 patients making a recurring $100 purchase per month (medication, prescription contacts, etc), that represents a $1,116,000 opportunity cost.
  • Integrate Telemedicine: Practices leveraging telemedicine increase capacity without increasing overhead. This means per hour, revenue increases from $216/hr to $780/hr or more. Failure to add just 1 hour per day equals $50,000-$150,000 per year in lost incremental revenue.
  • Offer payment convenience: Creating a mobile friendly, simple payment system to make monthly payments or pay a bill on their own time.

These are just a few ways to maximize patient lifetime revenue and grow your practice without growing overhead.

Keep reading and find out how you can get this accomplished the easy way.

You’ve probably seen it all:

Countless salespeople “advising” you throw your money at the wall. You’re not a marketing expert but you’re also not an idiot. We can start by agreeing on this statement:

Sales people may mean well, but as hard as they try, are hardly good consultants.

Why is this?

The most value you get from a consultant is their experience. For salespeople, their only experience is the product and service they benefit from selling. They lack broad experience with various solutions in unique situations, someone who is trained to learn and continually improve using empirical data.

Ask yourself this:

How measurable is ROI from your advertising strategy? Do you know whether it was poor strategy or poor execution? If you’re like most healthcare providers, you’ll never find out.

You might even have considered falling back on the tried and true: Execute on the clinical side and go for referrals, even though it means many more years of toil.

So what’s the answer to marketing successfully?

Successful advertising strategies require analysis and constant evolution or they quickly experience diminishing ROI. That’s because of the issue of saturation. The first business to enter into ValPack probably got incredible results. Unfortunately, you’re rarely the first. Want to know what it takes to stay ahead of the curve?

Keep reading or contact us, and we’ll show you how to stay ahead of marketing trends with traffic driving channels and slash your growth curve by 50%.


Small business healthcare in the United States is fought and won two ways: 

Patient convenience & worker productivity. It’s your biggest missed opportunity.

When your employee performs manual labor, you’re hiring, training, doing, and fixing mistakes: It’s costing you.

Manual office work is now a thing of the past. Quickly learn your costs: Your numbers speak for themselves.


# No-Shows, Cancellations, After Hours, and/or Missed Visits per day?

# Pieces of paper do you transcribe, file, and/or scan per day?

# Secure Messaging visits per day?

# Patient/Client visits per day?

# prescription refills per day?

Missed Opp/mo:$

Advanced Dentistry (2016)

Everyone can agree,

Dr. Rochelle Nguyen is a master dental clinician. Instead of bragging further, you can check her out here. Some of you can relate to this situation:

  • Revenue hit 3 consecutive annual lows as her older patient base spiraled.
  • Large equipment financing and stifling revenues imposed incredible stress.
  • An overworked and disorganized front office diminished an otherwise perfect client experience.

The following expenditures occured up to 3 years prior to our first meeting:

  • $5,000 to a web designer who was unaccessible and the website was offline.
  • $20,000 were paid to two consulting firms that failed to draft an execution plan.
  • $50,000 of traditional advertising spending over 3 years that generated minimal ROI.

Sick of lackluster results, Dr. Rochelle Nguyen asked us to show her a different way.

Healthcare Integrated Web

Let’s start with a paradigm shift.

If you believe millenials are unloyal…consider this:

The battleground of loyalty has simply changed. 20 years ago, service quality was king. And now: Convenience is King.

Your healthcare website just needs to accomplish three things:

  1. Meet high UX standards of digitally keen audiences.
  2. Allow patients to access tools that save them time.
  3. Give reliable and quick access.

The outcome is loyalty. Anything not bolted to the ground needs to be accessible online and automated. Your capacity to increase accessibility online directly influences the practice revenue potential.

You need a web design solution like Integrated Web that handles +90% of the patient experience conveniently and beautifully and is designed just for you.

Digital Patient Experience

3 words that define a convenient patient experience:

Quick. Easy. Useful.

Patients need rapid access to tools that feel intuitive. For that, you’ll want to look into digital streamlining of office work. This is where you’ll need to consolidate multiple vendors, use artificial intelligence (AI), and create automatic workflows.

Your practice’s Digital Patient Experience should be continuously tuned for optimal performance. In return, the practice benefits from automation and AI to get the job done right, with instant results, error-free, reliably, and affordably.

With the Digital Patient Experience, your virtual front office eliminates overhead and allows you to focus on your strengths. Clients have seen increased profits of 200%.

Traffic Driving Channels

Today’s marketing is transforming into pure social. 

And that’s good for small business.

Your ability to harness emotional connectability and create digital communities for positive storytelling will be key to a successful practice.

Your patients find healthcare providers similarly to finding a restaurant: social platforms. Facebook/Instagram dark posts remain by far the highest channel for Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ROI, followed by Yelp PPC, then Google and Bing PPC. All PPC channels are expected to increase 5x by 2020 as enterprises perfect digital strategies. Don’t miss the boat on PPC.

Take a strategic approach to advertising that continually evolves with patient’s buying preferences and get up to a 300% increase of return on investment (ROI).


We help you create successful healthcare digital strategy that works.

It starts with the patient conversion tool – Integrated Web, where we focus on minimalist, visually compelling, and maximum uptime.

We arm the website with tools patients want like the Digital Patient Experience, an artificial intelligence enhanced platform that not only eliminates office work, but maximizes patient convenience. 

Finally, we traffic driving digital strategies such as PPC and SEO though popular channels that patients use. 

The best part? Our bundled reputation app amplifies web traffic by posting it live on your website, creating a positive ROI loop. 

Our success is your success.



Convert more patients using a beautiful and easy to use website that includes our platform tools.

Streamline your front office using the Digital Patient Experience. 

  • Communications App
  • Online Scheduling App
  • Appointment Reminders App
  • Intake Paperwork App
  • Electronic Payments App
  • Payment Collections App
  • Online Reputation App

Increase social media reputation scores and drive traffic to your website to accelerate new patient count.

Enter into the new age of healthcare.